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Who We Are

Venture Painting, Inc. is family owned and operated and has been in business since 1978. We have a loyal group of Subcontractors and Employees, most of whom have been with us for 15 years, or more.

We strive to lead the industry when it comes to being a company people want to work not only with, but for, by providing competitive pay and benefits for our employees. This allows us to provide high end product and exemplary service. Our goal is not to be simply the people who paint the house. But also to be a resource in every step of the paint selection and application process. This can mean anything from meeting with homeowners and designers to discuss colors and products, to being enthusiastically responsive to any concerns both during construction and in the warranty period. In practice this means not only going the extra mile, but making sure our pricing is up front and transparent.


Ensuring high quality finished projects.


Our painters are unmatched.


Reliable & quality service guaranteed.