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Our special coating services bring new life to your surfaces while giving them sturdy protective coating.

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We are a family team of full-time dedicated professionals ready to deliver your project.

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We're proud to offer our new program

Painter For Life

Our “Painter for Life” program is offered to homeowners that have purchased a house we painted in the past. We offer touch up and repaint services to them at a discount.

Instead of hiring someone else to do the repainting, we would save hours of leg work by already knowing the coatings on every surface in the home. This makes it very easy and efficient to come in to do any touch ups. We offer this to you in hopes that we can become your go-to painter whenever you need anything paint related.

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Excellent Concrete

Staining Services

Turn to the locally owned Diamondback Painting for your concrete staining needs. Our concrete staining contractors bring new life to concrete floors while giving your floors a sturdy protective coating that will withstand heavy traffic and stains and retain its luster for years to come.

Pick your favorite pattern, logo or design for personalized service. Call 325-267-9615 for more information.

Upgrade the Look of Your Concrete

Flooring with Us

Transform the look of your home’s concrete floors with our stylish and decorative concrete floor staining services. There are many colors you can choose from and the finished product looks very similar to the samples, making the design far more predictable.

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